Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Afternoon

Finally I got a haircut...the curls are back!

Hi All,

Today was a typical Thursday.  I went to school. C went to work.  The usual. 

I am trying to go outside or near doors/windows for the pics because they come out so much better with the natural lighting.  However, you can see why I haven't been taking my pictures outside...snow and cold! Another snow storm is coming tonight- BOOO! Did I mention how much we hate winter?  C and I are planning to move somewhere warm... one day.

CP: LRG jeans, G-Shock watch, Mossimo shirt, Gap hoodie, Old Navy Jacket, LiveStrong wristband.

Jo: Forever21 dress, H & M sweater, Chinese laundry boots

The weekend is almost here. Hang in there for one more day! You can do it!  :-)


  1. You guys look so great! And love your hair!

    Great blog you guys!! xx rk

  2. Really nice blog !

  3. thank-you for your lovely comment! i absolutely adore your curls (unfortunately my hair is more frizzy than curly..) and i love c's jacket, looks great with the checked shirt! xx

  4. This is such a cute blog, you guys are great!

    d e g a i n e

  5. You two are precious
    very cute styles

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  6. You know I love your stripes and his army jacket! Those are my two most favorite things in the world!

  7. i LOVE your boots! you both look fabulous :)

  8. These are great!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment on Dylana's Post about me! I have started a new blog! Let me know if you want to cross blog and be featured discussing your style!!