Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's still summer

Hola! I know many people think it's fall, but i'm holding on to summer as long as possible.  Rocking a bright pink maxi should be allowed all year round according to me.  Oh and this gold necklace is my new favorite piece that goes with everything. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

West Village, New York, NY

This was a pic my mom took of me last week.  I met up with my mom and sister for dinner at Red Bamboo on West 4th St. Great vegan soul food...I ordered the Creole chick'n.  I have been wearing this cargo vest a lot lately. I just seem to throw it on any outfit and it works. Have a good week!  :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Copy Cat


I found this lovely photo while browsing The Sartorialist.  This woman's name is Alessandra from Italy I believe.  I just loved her look so I recreated it.  How do you like my version?  Would have been a lot cooler if I had tats on my arms.

What do you think of the larger pics in this post? yay or nay?

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Get some last minute BBQ in.

Waiting for the Train to West 13th St., New York, NY

This is from the same day as the last post.  I just found these pics that I forgot all about. I just wanted to share.  Tootles!