Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Party

C and I went to a Pink & Green party in honor of welcoming spring!  We both wore pink because that's what we found in our closets. Fun fun!  TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend homies!

Jo: F21 top, American eagle boyfit jeans, h&m wedges.

Visiting Grandparents

We rented a bug!

I've always liked this wallpaper in the bathroom.

Little me with 'The Little Engine That Could.'

Scott, me and Grandpa

A few weeks ago my mom and I took a trip to Connecticut to visit my grandparents.  It was a short and sweet trip.  I love going to their house because it never changes(and it's straight out of the 70's).  I have lots of good memories there.

I was wearing Danskin leggings from childhood, H&M cape, and Bakers OTK boots.