Monday, January 3, 2011


G-shocks. Mine was a Christmas/Bday present from C.

ACG's= All Climate Gear.  [Sneaker + Boot]

Gotta love the nephew

Little Will

Big Will= Birthday boy

Lex's yummy cupcake tower

C.P.'s dance battle with XBox Connect

C's oldest brother said I looked like an MTV VJ this night. I don't know if that is a compliment or not but I'll just pretend it is.  We went over to CP's brother's house to celebrate his birthday.  Food, family, friends, cupcakes, drinks, football, wi, xbox connect. Good times!

I hope you enjoy your week.  I start school again this week and teach Zumba and abs class.

May the weekend come quickly and never leave!! (A girl can dream, can't she)

CP: Gap sweater, Simpson shirt via Target, Old Navy jeans, Nike shoes.

Jo: H&M tunic and blazer, Danskin leggings from high school, Chinese Laundry boots via Bakers.

Little Will: Kid's Town shirt, Cherokee jeans from Target, Spizike sneakers (Uncle CP has these same sneakers).

Big Will/Birthday Boy: Andrew's tie, vintage blazer, Sean Jean shirt, Mek jeans, Stacy Adams shoes, Perry Ellis cuff links.


  1. loving this!
    im such a fan of your blog, you know ill be back!
    hope you had a happy new year!
    come visit COSMICaroline for revamped looks and stay tuned for a new blog photographer in the works!


  2. How fun! I have to try that XBOX dance thhingy! :)

  3. You look divine! I love that nail polish and the nike sneaker/boots :)

  4. I think looking like a VJ must be a good thing because you look nice

  5. i love the watches!