Sunday, January 16, 2011

Summer Lunch With Boyfriend/Girlfriend

January 16, 2011
Summer Lunch with Boyfriend
[TopShop white T & bangle, Mark Jacobs polka dot shorts, Forever 21 clogs, Asos bag, Chanel sunglasses, NARS nail color]

I may be late but I just discovered  I have been dreaming about warm weather as I suffer through the cold.  Here is an outfit I created.  I would wear it on a day when C and I would walk to a cafe to get lunch/dinner on a summer Saturday.

As for the outfit, I will make a few adjustments when I wear it.
1) I don't really like wearing shorts.  Instead I have these huge navy polka dot pants I got at Good Will.  I would wear the pants at my waist.
2) I would tuck the white t-shirt into the pants and put a belt around my waist to hold the pants up.
3) There is no way I can afford Chanel sunglasses so I would opt for these cool replacements from Urban Outfitters.
4) I wouldn't pay $16 for nail polish.  I would probably opt for Sally Hensen Insta-dry in Rapid Red. Much more economical and really does dry quickly.
5) I would wear a white T from forever21 like this just because it's much cheaper.  If I wanted to "splurge" I would go with one from American Apparel like this.

January 16, 2011
Summer Lunch With Girlfriend
[Mek cargo shorts, Ray Ban aviators, LRG T-shirt, G-shock watch, Creative Recreation shoes]

Here is an outfit I created.  I'm new at styling men's outfits but I feel like this is what C would wear on our lunch/dinner date. He said I did well. :-)

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

<3 Jo


  1. Yeah, I LOVE polyvore!! When you're inspired you can create anything. Cute -- I'd so wear it!

  2. Those mj shorts are so cute! Love them!! :)SarahD

  3. Love these inspiration boards, that NARS nail polish looks amazing!

  4. i love the marc jacobs shorts and the fabulous asos bag!