Thursday, February 17, 2011


Don't you love the card Charles made for me!

Typically the only pics with both of us look like this

This was our Valentine's day. I made Scallops, brocoli and cheddar bay biscuits.  The buscuits were made using my healthier version of the original recipie and they were the winner of the night.  Charles made me a card and picked up some lovely prosecco for us. Good times. 

Jo: I am wearing a pink apron with little white flowers that Charles' mom made me about a year ago.  It is so great and I wear it whenever I can.  She really is a talented seamstress.



  1. adorable photos! hope you had an awesome day :)

  2. Awwwww! I love this, so sweet. You two really are the cutest. Oh, and can I get that cheddar biscuit recipe please?!? Stat! LOL! The Man LOVES them!

  3. this looks like an amazing valentines day :))

  4. Thanks all. It was a really great time. Simple and wonderful!

    I'll post the recipe for the biscuits soon.

  5. ummm...yum! i love your blog- bits of everything i like. xo