Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tips For Stylish People on a Budget

 Hi Everyone. Here are a few pics I took before making steamed veggie dumplings and watching a movie with Charles.

As most of you probably already know, this week is NYC Fashion Week.  It has prompted me to do a lot of thinking about fashion this week.  While I love looking at some of the lastest trends and getting some ideas/motivation, there is so much of the fashion world that I don't like.  It seems as though whatever is put on the runway is considered a must-wear by so many, even if it is hideous! Another big thought of mine the hell do fashion bloggers, many who are students, afford to spend $400 on a pair of shoes or $350 on a dress or $1000 on a handbag?

Most people are limited in their being one of them! For those of you who don't know, i'm a nursing student.  Prior to going back to school, I worked as a group fitness instructor.  Such a fun and challenging position but not so lucrative.  Since i'm in an accelereated second-degree full-time program, working is out of the question.  I want to use this blog to show that you can be creative and look great with any budget.  Some of the key ways to accomplish this are...

Johanna's 7 Tips for Stylish People on a Budget:

1) Use season-less pieces- Try to buy clothing that can work year-round.  For example, a tunic that can be worn in warm weather with leggings and sandals and in cool weather with skinny jeans, boots, and a chunky sweater.

2) Layer- Mix and match with layering. Just keep adding layers on in different ways to create several looks.

3) Consider thrift shops your best friend- Don't be affraid of your local Salvation Army or Good Will stores.  There are so many great finds.  Even if an item is too big, a belt to accentuate your waist can do wonders. Always wash your finds before wearing.

4) Stick to classic pieces- I recently purchased a Gap trench coat.  I feel like I can put it on with anything and it makes the outfit look chic and stylish.  Also, I know I will have it for years. Classic pieces don't go out of style...that's why they are so great

5) Remix- This is when you take one piece of clothing and wear it several different ways.  Take some time playing dress up.  I do this without putting it on sometimes.  Laying things out on your bed works too.  For example: Start with a floral short sleeve blouse.  Look through your closet and find as many different outfits as you can with this shirt to maximize your wardrobe. Maybe you will pair it with skinny jeans and a blazer.  Next you can wear it with polka dot wide leg trousers.  Next you can put it with a black maxi skirt.

6) Nails and hair-  Changing your hair style and nail color may seem small but it can give you different looks.  For example: A high bun and bright red nails.  Hair down and wavy with light ballerina pink nails.  A braid and teal nails. 

7) Accessorize- Don't be afraid to accessorize.  Wear a fedora and small stud earrings, put on a scarf, tie a turban out of a scarf, wear a belt at the waist, wear a wide headband, wear a beanie and some hoops, etc.

Jo: Bakers combat boots, target skinny jeans and black faux fur jacket, gap t and cardigan, Anthropologie clutch, necklace from Hecho a Mano in Puerto Rico.

About my outfit: Hecho a mano means "made by hand."  They have some lovely pieces.  I try to go everytime i'm in PR.  (They have other locations and an online store too)  Also, the black faux fur jacket was found on the clearance rack for $17 bucks! I'm so proud.

Well, I am blabbing on too much so, Do you have any other tips?
Have a great weekend and I hope you will come back soon!  :-)


  1. These tips make sense specially the one on buying seasonless pieces that transition well between trends.

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  3. hey this bag that you've found looks amazin!